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I make Short FIlms and Flash Movies specialising in Visual Effects and CGI. I also Write and Direct my own projects and collaborate with various writers and other creative individuals, specifically Sound Designers and Music Artists.

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Zictor's News

Posted by Zictor - August 1st, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Firstly I'd like to say thank you to everyone who watched, reviewed and voted for Pip on robotday! I'm really happy to have come third. I've been on Newgrounds now for almost 10 years so this achievement would make the 16 year old me flap around with excitement and joy. I'm a lot more calm and collected now haha!

If you didn't see it you can get it here:


It's also the Robot Day 2013 thumbnail image which makes me happy too!

Also if you're not already go like Pip on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/piptherobot
I update it fairly regularly with images of what I'm working on and the occasional video.

If enough people are interested I might do some breakdowns on how I make the visuals!

Secondly, I'm the host of this years London gathering so if you're a UK user and you want to meet some other users face to face this is a great opportunity to do just that! They've been a lot of fun in the past, which is why I wanted to make damn sure one happened this summer! The January one had a fairly decent turnout, however the snow did affect the numbers as travelling in those conditions isn't ideal... and its COLD!

Here is the Event page Luis has set up for the event: http://luiscastanon.com/ng-events/ng-london-2013 .php
You can also join the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/336460253147250/

So yeah, thanks again and I hope to hear from/see you guys soon!

Feel free to inbox me, I like to chat and see peoples work, especially if you're going to the meetup, then we can perhaps get a chance to talk about it on the day! :)


Robot Day Thanks & London Meetup stuff!

Posted by Zictor - November 2nd, 2012


In case you haven't yet seen it here it is, I uploaded it yesterday, people seem to really like it which is good as a lot of effort went into it. Think I uploaded it a bit late in the day, would appreciate reviews!!!

Posted by Zictor - October 4th, 2012

Hey guys. You may remember Pip from Robot Day a couple of months ago. I'm still working on other cartoons one of which is for Halloween and is coming very soon!

I made a promo video for Pip's Youtube Channel using clips from the already released episodes and some other animations that haven't seen the internet yet.

Please subscribe and watch the videos! There are 3 new cartoons coming in the remainder of 2012! That's pretty exciting!

If you subscribe, Thanks!

Posted by Zictor - July 10th, 2012

Hey everyone check out my Robot Day submission here. I've been working on this animation for quite a while and I'm thrilled to have finished it in time for Robot Day.

Pip the Robot: Trapped

You can follow updates on future Pip cartoons by liking the Pip the Robot Facebook page here: Pip the Robot like page!


Posted by Zictor - June 16th, 2012


This is my latest toon, I started it out by playing around with the button concept and saw what it evolved into. I linked it to the next project... Trapped... It's what I was working on before I started making this, Trapped is a bit more complicated as it involves M.C Escher's Relativity painting! Got a fun storyline planned out for the next few toons.

I'm putting as much of my time into this series as possible and I'd appreciate a few followers, I've set up a facebook page for such a purpose: https://www.facebook.com/PipTheRobot

Until next time!

Posted by Zictor - November 16th, 2011

I've come a long way from those god awful sprite movies I used to make... I'm now a freelance Motion Graphics Designer... And I also do Visual Effects but nobody seems to want to hire me for that :(

Here's the Toon in all its YouTube glory. Didn't do it in HD this time because of render times... But it's slightly better quality than the NG version

Be sure to check out some of my other Videos and stuff!

Posted by Zictor - November 1st, 2011

Not by you lot... by me. I finally went back to animation and finished something!

Jack O'Lantern is a short storybook style piece written by my Girlfriend and I had a pretty limited time to work on it. I missed the Halloween Deadline due to being busy all day on Halloween itself....

I've got more stuff coming up soon so stay tuned... Go subscribe to my YouTube or whatever.

Posted by Zictor - August 12th, 2010

I'm gonna keep this a short one because probably nobody is gonna read it. Right now I'm planning some form of Flash Comeback, like I have been doing for a while, but I'm not entirely sure what the product will be or when it's coming.

Just know that you've not heard the last of me.

I went to the Newgrounds meetup in London on Saturday and I've had my faith in the community restored. So many nice and interesting people, can't wait until the next one and I'll hopefully have some decent stuff up.

To see what I've been doing instead head over to my YouTube account and you can get a glimpse at some of the stuff I've been working on. http://www.youtube.com/user/zictor


Posted by Zictor - May 9th, 2009

I'm hoping to release at least one Flash Movie per year. I'm more into film making now. I guess my creativeness gets used up in these other areas now and doesn't leave me any motivation for Flash. However. I do hope to make something to put up in the Summer. Summer is my time to make the projects I've always wanted to do.

I've become really good at using After Effects in recent months and thought I'd make a Flash movie and incorporate After Effects with it to further my knowledge... So look forward to a real Spiffy Flash movie.

I do however have a YouTube Channel, where I post up some stupid stuff I do with my friends and Effects Tests. I am hopoing to make the channel more active in the next few months, and have plans to re-design the layout, organize some playlists and pretty much give at least a monthly update on current projects.

I seem to have had this fascination for making Series rather than one offs before now, as you'll notice in my gallery I've got loads of "Episode 1" flashes and no follow ups. This is because I keep getting new ideas and just executing the newest idea rather than expanding on old ones. DaVinci had loads of Projects he never finished as he used to do lots of different things that his interest focussed on. This is where I feel my creativeness goes. I get a real drive to do something I've got interest in at the time, but once that fire dies its really hard to continue something good.

Anyway thats my Justification for no Plague of the Stars 3 and 4, and Games Collide 2 and 3, and the other 7 plans of evil episodes... Oh and that Mutant Freek thing... Never Materialized.

So basically, the next movie you see will be a one off as i've now realised where my tallent lies.

Also check out my youtube. Username is Zictor.

I know I'm not really gonna get many readers of this but I'm just putting it out there.

Ok thanks for reading and I'm hoping to get some stuff out soon!!!

Posted by Zictor - May 24th, 2008

Last post, think it was my first also... was in September. So it's time to give you lot an update!

In the works/could be canned:
Broccoli: The Movie
Shorts like Dad N' Me Ginger Bully

Definite to Come
Plans of Evil Episode 2, 3 and 4... Definitely before October the first 4 will be complete!

I'll give you the lowdown on a few of these.

Broccoli: The Movie
I started this back in June 07, but since then my drawing style has changed so I've been adapting to it. I'm just about ready to start work again and if I get enough enthusiasm, it will appear soon.

Story: Broccoli finds out that Major Carrot has started to raise an army of Genetically Modified Garlics, and has combined them with hi tech weaponary. This army are, the Galeks.

Broccoli must stop Carrot from using the army to take over the Vegetable Patch but fighting an entire army will be pretty impossible by himself...

Plans of Evil

The series originally started in 2005. Episode Marked Pilot, and then a Halloween Special (rushed and I hate it) but due to lack of story/inspiration it's taken ages to actually do something.

Episode 2 continues from Episode 1, and we find out what the Villain our mysterious Shadowed Enemy has released from prison is going to do.

Todd also seeks revenge for the Death of his Mentor, George.

Episode 3 & 4, the events that happened in Episode 2 will continue, and a few more plot lines will unfold, including a twist somewhere in these two episodes. Not sure where I want to put it yet, but I know that it's good writing!

Yeah, uhh so all sounds hopeful right now. Don't know when the next thing will materialise because I tend to do lots of things in a day!!!

Anyway, Zictor out!